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About Our Products

Pulpit Notes

Our Pulpit Notes products are two to four page expository and topical notes compiled to be used as resources and study helps in your preaching. They include an introduction, explanation of the message, outline and commentary, and appropriate application. These resources are available in a variety of formats including print, thumb drive/USB and downloadable, so you can choose the format that works best for you.  These message notes have saved thousands of hours in study for more 16,000 pastors who have adapted them for their own messages.

Feature expository notes for the bible-teaching pastor
Help explain the timeless message of the Bible in a relevant manner
Are indexed by topic and easily searchable
Provide 36 four to eight week series of messages
Are easy to adapt for your particular needs

Great Stories

Our Great Stories Products are an alphabetical compilation available in print, thumb drive/USB or via download filled with illustrations from the best speakers around and features current personal stories and illustrations from today’s headlines. Easy to access, we compile and write these great stories and include those used by communicators such as Dave Stone, Bob Russell, Jack Graham, Chuck Swindoll, Jay Strack, Greg Laurie, Max Lucado, John Maxwell, Jerry Vines, Alistar Begg, and David Jeremiah, etc. just to name a few! These stories are as fresh as USA TODAY and ready to use!

Include great illustrations from today’s best preachers
Feature illustrations and stories on practically every topic
Help you make an impression by teaching like Jesus did
Are indexed by topic and easily searchable
Make your messages hard to forget