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Anything in your life you don’t understand?

Sylvester Stallone is a successful and rich movie star. He was 35 and had a huge hit with his film Rocky III. And then his world was turned upside down when his second son, Seargeoh, then 3, was diagnosed with autism, a psychological disorder.

“When I heard, I was violently angry,” Stallone said. “I didn’t understand why this would happen to my boy. I felt betrayed. If you have a bad hand to deal, give it to me, not to an innocent child. What purpose did it serve? Was my life too good? Is it something I did, some word I said?”

Stallone hesitated a moment and then said, “Seargeoh has no idea who I am. I’m just another person to him. You have to accept his love on his terms. There is nothing I can offer or buy or give my son that can help him. I feel I let my child down. I feel helpless, and I have to accept that.”

Some things have no real explanation this side of heaven.

-adapted from USA Weekend