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Do you ever get convicted?

I heard the story of a man who was forever tormented by the fact that he had cheated on his income tax return some years ago.

He had many sleepless nights over his ethical and legal lapse in judgment. Finally, he decided to write a personal letter to the IRS and fess up. The letter read something like this,

“Dear IRS, in a previous year I stated something on my tax return that was essentially not true. In light of that mistake and resulting underpayment of my taxes, please find enclosed a check in the amount of $500. If I cannot sleep tonight, and all indications are that I may not have a good night of sleep for an indefinite period of time, I’ll send you the rest.”

When you get convicted, what do you do about it?

-adapted from Pastor Jerry Thorpe, Granbury, TX
from a message at The Met, Keller, TX