Dr. David Sylvester


Have you noticed that the people who sit in your church may not remember your message yet never forget that great story you told?

Jesus was very aware that people respond to stories and illustrations. He held up a coin. He pointed to a fish. He was the master teacher! A little verse tucked away in Matthew 13:34 reveals his style …and he did not speak to them without a parable. If Jesus told stories to teach, so must we!

Great Stories is an alphabetical compilation available in print, USB thumb drive or via download which is filled with illustrations using current personal stories and illustrations from today’s headlines. Easy to access, we write these great stories and include those used by communicators such as Dave Stone, Bob Russell, Jack Graham, Chuck Swindoll, Jay Strack, Greg Laurie, Max Lucado, John Maxwell, Alistar Begg, and David Jeremiah, etc. just to name a few! These stories are as fresh as USA TODAY and ready to use and make a lasting impression on your listeners!

These stories will:

drive home your point!
paint a picture of biblical truth!
clarify a difficult biblical passage!
strengthen the people and provide a point for the head and story for the heart!
create a greater willingness to hear truth!

Pulpit Notes are two to four page expository and topical notes I have compiled to be used as resources and study helps in your preaching. They include an introduction, explanation of the message, outline and commentary, and appropriate application. These message notes have saved thousands of hours in study for more 16,000 pastors who have adapted them for their own use.

For example, Pulpit Notes feature:

six weeks on marriage!
four weeks on evangelism!
messages through entire books of the Bible!
and dozens of additional topics and series!
easy adapted and customized for your people!
are rooted in the exposition of the scripture!
save time in the life of busy pastors!

The COMPLETE PACKAGE includes Pulpit Notes Volume I-VII which feature 188 messages in 36 series – more than 3 ½ years of preaching helps!!


Each of our users also receive a bonus music CD from MARANATHA MUSIC, and a complimentary issue of a previous issue of GREAT STORIES.