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So do we have things or do things have us?

Actor Nicholas Cage who starred in such films as “Con Air”, recently speculated,

“I wonder if there is a hole in my generation. We’ve inherited the American Dream, but where do we take it. It’s not just about cars and wealth. It has to do with freedom. We’ll fight for freedom, but are we free in our thoughts, or are we paralyzed by our dreams of consumption?”

And Harrison Ford, star of several films as government CIA employee Jack Ryan who found himself battling the drug cartel in South America, and one of the most successful box office stars ever whose movies have raked in two billion dollars, recently told a journalist, “you only want what you ain’t got”.

When asked what he did not have, he shot back, “Peace”.

Christina Onassis said, “Happiness is not based on money, and the greatest proof of that is my family”. After saying that, she died suddenly probably as a result of years of tranquilizers and diet pills.

-adapted from Why Believe, by Greg Laurie, p. 3