The Complete Package gives you everything you need to make your preaching and speaking outstanding!  You’ll have resources to provide your listeners with a point for the head and a story for the heart.  This comprehensive package includes:

Pulpit Notes: Volumes 1-7 (188 messages, 36 series)

  • Includes 188 messages/3 years of preaching
  • Feature expository notes for the bible-teaching pastor
  • Helps explain the timeless message of the Bible in a relevant manner

Great Stories 2018: 100 Fresh Stories & Illustrations for Communicators
Great Stories – The Classic Collection: 750 Stories & Illustrations for Communicators

  • Include great illustrations from today’s best preachers
  • Feature illustrations and stories on practically every topic
  • Help you make an impression by teaching like Jesus did

Note: Download resources are compatible with both Mac and PC!
All illustrations and message helps are easily accessed by searching a topic or by direct link from the contents page.

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