The Complete Package

The Complete Package

The Complete Package


The Complete Package gives you everything you need to make your preaching and speaking outstanding!  You’ll have resources to provide your listeners with a point for the head and a story for the heart.  This comprehensive package includes:

Pulpit Notes: Volumes 1-7 (188 messages, 36 series)

  • Includes 188 messages/3 years of preaching
  • Feature expository notes for the bible-teaching pastor
  • Helps explain the timeless message of the Bible in a relevant manner

Great Stories 2018: 100 Fresh Stories & Illustrations for Communicators
Great Stories – The Classic Collection: 750 Stories & Illustrations for Communicators

  • Include great illustrations from today’s best preachers
  • Feature illustrations and stories on practically every topic
  • Help you make an impression by teaching like Jesus did

Note: Download resources are compatible with both Mac and PC!
All illustrations and message helps are easily accessed by searching a topic or by direct link from the contents page.

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